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The following products are recommended to protect and maintain Revelstone cast stone products. However, it must be understood the company cannot be held responsible for any defects which may arise from incorrect sealing or products used by contractors or clients. It is important that only experienced installers and contractors are used; do not use installers who are unfamiliar or inexperienced with cast stone products.

Nano Invisi

Nanoproof is a new surface protection product based on nanotechnology. The product has deep penetrating properties, without the use of any hazardous solvents or substances. Odour free, eco-friendly and still matches the performance of any conventional sealer on the market. Due to the very small active particle size in our product ( 1nm and 20nm) excellent penetration into the substrate is achieved
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Nanoproof edge cleaner
Nanoproof Acrylic Sealer
weber.set Quick Set 6

Produced from carefully selected raw materials for consistency of product, it only requires the addition of water on site.
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weber.set Ultra-flex

weber.set Ultra-flex is a highly deformable, high strength, rapid-set cement-based tile adhesive for wall and floor applications.
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A latex-based liquid primer and keying agent specifically formulated for use with cement-based tile adhesives, tile grouts and slurries.
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weber.prim Plaskey WB250

Cement-based primer/surface preparation
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