Colours - Revelstone


All products are reconstructed to take on the appearance of natural stone, where shades vary and are subject to slight variations. This is highlighted when products are hand made or custom made to ensure a unique shade or colour mix. Colours can appear to change significantly depending upon the prevailing conditions such as sunlight, shade, rain, method of installation and sealing, you are advised to check colour and actual appearance before ordering. During manufacture, every effort is made to ensure consistency of product colour; however, variations in production batches can occur. Therefore, especially in the case of larger orders, we recommend that products are thoroughly mixed on site prior to laying to ensure a good colour distribution. All products are made using imported iron oxides and are embodied to ensure excellent long-term wear and appearance. The slight variations add to the natural appearance of all our products. Revelstone products will weather and wear over time in a similar manner to natural stone. 

White Cement

Grey Cement

* Please refer to individual product pages to see which colours are available for that product. For all products excluding cobbles. CUSTOM COLOURS MADE UPON REQUEST.

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