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Oxford Off Shutter Cladding

Designed as a pre-cast alternative to Off Shuttered Concrete this product is well suited to modern and very contemporary designs. Available in 2 sizes that can be used together or simply one size makes it a real and cost effective alternative to off shutter concrete. The new off shutter wood texture gives a different option …

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tuscan cobbble fi 1

Tuscan Cobble

A chiseled edge cobble designed with a pre engineered spacer allows for ease of laying and is a versatile option for all contemporary, industrial or modern designs . The chiseld edge gives it a soft irregular feel and the 3 sizes gives you limitless options – ideal for pedestrian plazas, courtyards, pavements, driveways and light …

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exeter cobble fi 1

Exeter Cobble

This traditional granite textured cobble is a newly engineered cobble with a square base and textured top to allow ease of packing, instatntly creating a traditional true granite cobble look. It can be utilised in light commerical and residential projects.

trent cobble fi 1

Trent Cobble

A traditional granite smooth face cobble with a flat top and rough tumbled edge giving it a realistic and timeworn granite appearance and extremely versatile option in creating domestic or commercial pedestrian or light vehicular traffic areas.

Devon Cobble Tile featured

Devon Cobble Tile

The Devon Cobble Tile is a 15mm version of the Devon Cobble, with a smooth cut flat face giving you a user friendly surface. It has been used in many diverse applications including – restaurant entrances linking the cobble paving, garage floors as a continuation of the driveway, patios as a border tile, bathroom walls …

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Kent Cobble Tile

Designed in a 50mm for light vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Has a flat subtle hewn surface ideally suited where a flat even textured cobble surface is desired.

Klompie paver

Klompie Brick Paver

Designed to look like the traditional clay Klompie brick but more consistent in size, colour and easier to install makes it an attractive option to use in any modern or traditional design.

Devon Cobble Circle

Devon Cobble Circle

It is an excellent and easy way to lay cobbles in a circular pattern without all the cuttings. Used in many different paving or garden designs to create entrance features, patios, driveway inlays or circular steps.

Jura cobble2

Jura Cobble

Available in 50mm and 75mm with the acid etched Jura texture is a break from the traditional square cobble. Laid in a herringbone or stacker bond give it a unique look ideally suited in a contemporary or modern architecture or design

Ridgestone Cobble

Ridgestone Cobble

Designed in a 50mm for light vehicular or pedestrian traffic. The stone textured Ridgestone finish gives it a rough, uneven and non-slip finish, used in a single or two size mix is a good alternative on slightly inclined driveways.

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