Revelstone is committed to customer service, innovative product development, manufacture and design. To help you obtain maximum enjoyment, satisfaction and long service from any of our products, we would like to bring the following to your attention.

Please view our website for information regarding preparation, layouts, installation and sealing guidelines for Revelstone products –



All products are reconstructed to take on the appearance of natural stone, where shades vary and are subject to slight variations. This is highlighted when products are hand made or custom made to ensure a unique shade or colour mix. Colours can appear to change significantly depending upon the prevailing conditions such as sunlight, shade, rain, method of installation and sealing, you are advised to check colour and actual appearance before ordering. During manufacture, every effort is made to ensure consistency of product colour; however, variations in production batches can occur. Therefore, especially in the case of larger orders, we recommend that products are thoroughly mixed on site prior to laying to ensure a good colour distribution. All products are made using imported iron oxides and are embodied to ensure excellent long-term wear and appearance. The slight variations add to the natural appearance of all our products. Revelstone products will weather and wear over time in a similar manner to natural stone.



All sizes, dimensions and weights in this brochure are nominal and subject to manufacturing tolerances. Our range is designed to simulate and replicate the appearance of natural stone, where sizes and thicknesses vary; these are exact copies of original stone masters. This ensures that all our products resemble, as closely as possible, the naturally weathered stone they simulate.


Much care and attention has been spent ensuring that there is a wide variety and mix of textures within each size and range of Revelstone products. This is to ensure that there is no repetition of faces; all products are made from original stone replicas to ensure excellent surface and texture reproduction.


White patches and markings can appear on the surface on newly laid paving, once it has been grouted this is known as efflorescence. Initially an apparent loss of colour or a milky white bloom appears on the surface of the product which gives the impression that the colour has faded or washed out. This is not the case and the effect will disappear in time depending on location, degree of traffic or usage, and natural weathering. It is in no way detrimental to the performance or strength of the product. Revelstone cannot accept responsibility for the effect of efflorescence, a common occurrence in all high-quality coloured concrete products. Please contact us should you require more technical detail in this regard.



All products from Revelstone are manufactured and stored undercover before you receive them; this explains the dark sweat mark apparent on the face of the tile when you receive delivery. This occurs due to heat being created between the pavers in storage and will generally go away in time. Once the product has been laid and after varying lengths of time, dark and light patches can occasionally occur on the surface of the product. This is caused by differential weathering, water trapped beneath the product, or when the surface of the product has cured at a different rate. These patches or marks generally disappear over time.



This is a passing nuisance that can occasionally occur on the product and cannot be prevented. It is caused by a combination of weather-related causes, the product situation, as well as elements in our raw materials which are out of our control. We do all we can to prevent this from happening by storing all goods undercover during curing and prior to delivery. We also use the latest technology in the form of additives and concrete technology. Yet, sometimes it does still happen and in most cases will disappear over time. The best is to allow nature to run its course, but it can be vastly improved by acid washing and then sealing with a solvent-base sealer which helps reduce the markings. Although, the best option is to leave it and allow it to dry naturally. In some instances, sealing may cause more long-term marking; especially in newly laid areas when the affected product has not been given enough time to dry out. This phenomenon is totally unpredictable and more prevalent in wet areas.



Regular cleaning and maintenance is required to preserve the overall appearance of the product. The use of acidic cleaners should only be used in extreme instances. Our range of tiles are used extensively for indoor areas. This does require long-term protection and sealing/polishing to maintain the desired finish. This will protect the product against daily wear and tear associated with indoor living. Our products are ideal for outdoors and can be left untreated, allowing the product to naturally weather and wear to reflect the natural hues of the stone it replicates.


We recommend our products are sealed outdoors depending on your personally chosen colour or the situation of product and your personal requirements. It can only serve the product well and will enhance the appearance should you not want to wait for the product to naturally weather and wear, creating its own natural shine and finish.



All products must be handled carefully to avoid damaging the edges and surfaces of the product.

All products must always be stored undercover and on their edge, stacked vertically (not horizontally), leaning against a wall and raised off the ground with pieces of timber (this prevents it leaching moisture from the ground).



To ensure that all our products are of the highest possible standard and are long lasting, over the past years of development we have sourced the best quality sands, granite stone, quartz, colour pigments and cement which we use in the manufacturing process. All our products are made using imported iron oxides and are embodied to ensure excellent long-term wear and appearance. Revelstone relies on suppliers to deliver consistent colours in the sands and cements we use; however, this is out of our control as quarries change at regular intervals. The long-term advantage of our products is that they respond well to the effects of modern living, wear and weather conditions which enhance their overall appearance. The colour shades will mature with age and become more attractive due to wear, traffic and natural growths, giving the product character and the desired weathered stone appearance.


Examples of different product appearance, efflorescence and aggregate transparency can be viewed on our website –



The colours shown are as exact as photographic and printing processes will allow. We recommend that colours are chosen from actual products and not on what is shown in this brochure; samples are available free on request. As innovators, we are constantly improving and adding to our range; accordingly we reserve the right to vary designs and specifications shown herein.



The showroom was designed to assist you with ideas on how our products can be used in your unique environments. It is beneficial when viewing all products laid in-situ, as opposed to perusing a catalogue or website. Please visit us, where one of our sales team will help you in choosing the product suitable for you. Colour samples are available on request for you to take home.



Products of inferior quality, which cost less, are often offered with the implication that they are equal to Revelstone. You have chosen Revelstone products because your new patio, garden, driveway, development or project deserves only the best. Since its inception in 1993, Revelstone has been committed to quality products, customer service, innovative product development, manufacture and design. To help you obtain maximum enjoyment, satisfaction and long service from any of our products, we recommend once you have made your product choice from the catalogue, that you verify with your paving, pool company, contractor or builder that you are being supplied with Revelstone products and not an inferior replica.



Size: All sizes on products approximate

Colour: Colour embodied to ensure excellent

long-term wear and superior resistance

Compressive strength: 3436mpa (+)

Density: 2 300kg/m3

Absorption: Average of 5% (SANS 1058 prescribes maximum average 6.5% to 8.0%)

Abrasion resistance: 4 grams mass loss (SANS 1058 prescribes average mass loss should not exceed 15 grams)

Shrinkage: 0.05%

SCM (Slag): 20% of cementitious


Please view our website for information regarding preparation, layouts, installation and sealing guidelines for Revelstone products –

The following guidelines are recommended by Revelstone, as the manufacturers, as the correct way to install their cast stone products. However it must be understood that as Revelstone does not provide an installation service, the company cannot be held responsible for any defects which may arise from incorrect installation by contractors or clients. It is important that only experienced installers and contractors are used; do not use installers who are unfamiliar or inexperienced with cast stone products. All installations are done at the user’s own risk.

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