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The Point Where Two Worlds Meet

Century City was developed embracing the principles of new urbanism. It’s a 250ha mixed-use development in Cape Town combining office, retail, residential, leisure, and environmental components in an integrated urban environment.

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Bridgewater One has taken this foundational approach of Century City to the next level.

Rabie Property Group’s groundbreaking mixed-use development offers holistic, inspiring, and rejuvenating ways to live, work, play, and stay in the security and convenience of Century City. The development will consist of an 80-room hotel flanked by 122 residential units and three individual office buildings all overlooking three hectares of water and greenery.

Revelstone Products that were used for the development:

Jura Cobble – 50mm & 75mm

Available in 50mm and 75mm with the acid etched Jura texture is a break from the traditional square cobble. Laid in a herringbone or stacker bond give it a unique look ideally suited in a contemporary or modern architecture or design.

Devon Cobble – 75mm

The Devon cobble is the perfect cobble to enhance any commercial entrance area that carries high traffic.The smooth subtle hewn surfaces with natural markings give it an instant timeworn stone texture.

Devon Step Pavers

A custom manufactured product available in three sizes ideally suited for creating large floating stairs or stepping stones. It can be used in limitless applications and is suited to very modern sleek designs where straight lines and even surfaces are required.

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