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Revelstone geared for growth

Cape-based cast-stone producer, Revelstone, believes that a bright future beckons the South African cast-stone manufacturing industry. Underscoring its commitment to an expanding market, the company launched several new products during a PPC-sponsored open day on August 2. It has also invested liberally, adding to its recent showroom upgrade with a redesign and makeover of the exterior roadfacing façade of its HQ premises, Adam House. Moreover, the company is committed to upgrading its plant and equipment during the coming year.

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Revelstone chairman, Andrew Cyprianos (right), seen here with business consultant, Chris Rookledge (left), and Clayton Laue of Paarman Landscapes during the launch of the company’s new product range in August.


Founder and chairman, Andrew Cyprianos, says Revelstone was built on optimism and faith in positive outcomes.

“Everyone advised me when I established the business 26 years ago that I was making the wrong move. The prevailing economic and political mood at that time was one of ‘wait and see’ ahead of the 1994 elections and the business community was holding back on investing in new ventures. We are in a similar position today. While others tighten their belts we believe that the current downturn provides the ideal opportunity for renewal and regeneration.

“We could easily have continued with our old showroom and building façade and banked the money. But we are in the business of beautifying and remodelling the built environment, and we felt if we can’t renew our own space how can we invite others to do so.” Revelstone’s new façade was modernised by combining Random Stone cladding and offshutter concrete with steel cladding and new lighting for an attractive nightfall frontage. “In addition we redesigned our road verge and parking area which was relaid by Progressive Paving. It showcases our full cobble, edging, kerbing, drainage pavers, demarcation pavers, borders and inlays in an enticing display; and over time it will demonstrate how well our wetcast cobbles and pavers wear.

“A key element in the upgrade was an attractive new front entrance which allows easier access to our new showroom and incorporates a modernised step as well as a ramp for wheelchairs and sample trolleys,” advises Cyprianos.

Revelstone’s new product line-up includes three newly designed Granite finished cobbles, Exeter, Trent and Tuscan, a new flagstone paver in two sizes, Devon Straight Edge, new stone cladding, Cotswold, and a new kerb/step, Oxford.

“As always our new product range is based on input from the architectural community, consumer demand, and modern trends in landscaping design,” concluded Cyprianos.

Family-owned, Revelstone has been producing customised cast-stone products since 1993 for both the domestic and commercial markets. The company uses traditional masonry skills combined with modern moulding techniques to painstakingly produce master moulds from original stone. This hands-on approach allows the creation of custom-made products, tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.

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