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New Product Launch – Plant Hole Paver – Architect -Inspired Paver.

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Plant Hole Pavers

Plant Hole pavers have been launched on the local market. As it has done on numerous occasions with other pioneering landscaping product launches, CMA producer member, Revelstone has led the way, now offering plant hole paver options on its entire flagstone range. Plant Hole pavers look like normal flagstone pavers, the only difference being, that each paver can carry up to four or more holes. These can be filled with a variety of plant life such as mondo grass, penny royals and cacti, to name a few.

Revelstone founder, Andrew Cyprianos, says the rationale for launching the holed paver is twofold.

“In the first instance they add an aesthetically pleasing landscaping alternative, enabling a closer and more artistic integration between the paver and its immediate surroundings, be they flower beds, loose stones or lawn. “Secondly, besides providing safe and durable stepping stones, holed pavers have introduced an eco-friendly dimension to the landscaped environment by allowing the ingress of water into the ground. This function ties in with Cape Town’s Urban Stormwater Impacts Policy (2009) which aims to minimize the impact of rain water on conventional storm water drainage.”

Cyprianos says he first came across holed pavers at a DIY store in London.
“Shortly after my return Jane Baldwin of Jane Baldwin & Associates (Pty) Ltd Architectural Design asked us if we could produce them. Naturally we agreed because Revelstone’s reputation has always rested on creating new and innovative products based on our clients’ individual requirements.

It took us four months to develop the holed paver. Jane Baldwin was very happy with the result and we now anticipate that the concept will catch on in a big way. “We currently offer one-hole size of 75 mm with a new size of 110 mm coming soon, and landscape architects can specify the number of holes per paver as well their placement. This gives them great scope for creativity in the layout and design of garden paths and patios,” concluded Cyprianos.

Samples of the new holed paving range can be viewed at Revelstone’s new showroom in Lansdowne, Cape Town.

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new product launch plant hole paver architect inspired paver 2

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