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– Article first posted by Precast Issue Two 2020

We are delighted to have been featured in the Precast Issue Two 2020, the voice of the precast concrete industry. 

You can download Issue 2 here to read the full article about our commitment to local production and job creation. Article posted on page 12.


As one of SA’s leading cast-stone producers of pavers and walling cladding products, Revelstone has always supported job creation and local production.

“Re-igniting SA’s economy, job creation and the support of local businesses are more important than ever during the current pandemic,” says Revelstone director Alex Cyprianos.

“We’re totally committed to alleviating unemployment and have always opted for increased labour over mechanisation. All the products in our extensive range are 100% locally designed, manufactured and delivered from our Cape Town factory, where we employ over 100 people.

“In addition to creating employment, we’ve consistently upskilled and trained our own staff to grow into positions of greater responsibility. This, in turn, creates personal growth and long-term employment.

“All South African manufacturers need the local economy to specify and use their products. Not only does this create employment, but it spurs investment in new products that equal or better global trends in designs and technology. For example, we’ve recently created custom-made products for several commercial projects in the Western Cape,” says Cyprianos.

Made of concrete, Revelstone’s cast-stone products are an attractive alternative to natural stone products which are not only more expensive, but are less environmentally friendly and usually imported.

“We only source the very best local materials for our cast-stone range. Ninety-five percent of our raw materials are sourced within a 100km radius of our factory. In addition, all our moulds are 100% recyclable, making our products environmentally friendly,” he adds.

Revelstone was founded in August 1993 by Cyprianos’s father, Andrew, when he identified a niche in both the domestic and commercial markets for customised cast-stone products.

Alex joined the company in 1997. By fusing their talents, substantial concrete experience and their passion for the business, Andrew and Alex grew Revelstone into the market leader it is today.

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“All the products in our extensive range are 100% locally designed, manufactured and delivered from our Cape Town factory, where we employ over 100 people.”

“We’re proud of what we’ve achieved. Through continual in-depth research into the art of stone masonry and design, we’ve been able to consistently introduce exciting products to the market.”

The company is still 100% family- owned and run, which guarantees that its founding principles of custom-made designs and high quality are not only maintained, but reinvented as the business grows and develops. In this way, the ethos of Revelstone and what it has become is not compromised, but enhanced.

“Knowledge gained from our research means all our products are indistinguish- able from natural stone. Attention to detail, subtle variations in colour, variety of surface textures and the shape of the stone are essential in creating a worthy, genuine replica,” says Cyprianos.

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