Traditional and Engineered Landscaping Products

We have a wide range of both traditional and engineered landscaping products for all your outdoor design needs. With over 25 years in the business, we listen to what our customers want and develop our products around these preferences.

Landscaping products are a practical and sophisticated option for any space for a polished final touch. Our extensive range of colours, shapes, styles and textures will ensure that you find exactly what you are looking for. 

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Traditional Landscaping Products

This range offers everything from water channels to guide water, stone benches on which to relax in your garden, stepping stones for pathways and attractive edging to neaten up flower beds and certain focus areas in your garden.

This is a great addition to any area where you want to keep the aesthetic as natural as possible.

Water Channel
Viking Bench & Bird Bath
Ravine Stepping Stone
Saxon Stone Edging
Ridgestone bench
Saxon Splayed Kerb


The cobble circle starter kit is perfect for a space that needs beautifying but still kept in its natural state. Circles have a predetermined size with the stone already constructed into a circular shape.

Through constant research and development, this range keeps up with modern landscaping trends.


Engineered Landscaping Products

Our Engineered Landscaping Stone range offers uniformed and straight edge pavers that provide a variety of functions. Our drainage pavers stop water from gathering on your paving while our demarcation pavers are perfect for certain areas such as disabled parking and cycling lanes.

We have many demarcation options available that can be designed to suit your exact needs.

All engineered products emulate the modern design trends of today and offer a modern approach to most design dilemmas.

Ridgestone step paver
Jura Drainage Pavers
Revelstone Grey Logo
Demacration Pavers

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4 Landscaping Tips

Deciding on your landscaping requirements

If you’re stuck on what to do in your back garden, make a list of your needs and wants. Are you building a structured garden? Do you need an area to grow vegetables, for your kids to play in or a patio for family to enjoy?

Make a rough sketch of how you would like your back garden to look and where you would like to place things such as a stone bench, steps, fire pit, etc.

Remember, your rough sketch doesn’t have to be a masterpiece – play around with ideas as you go along and inspiration is sure to follow.

Designing a focal point

Every garden or outdoor area needs a focal point or perhaps a series of focal points that catch the eye immediately.

Certain focal points include landscaping products such as a stone fountain, a fire pit, a sculpture or a pretty, layered flower bed.

Good focal points draw a person’s eye in and then lets it pan across the landscape (this is usually how a person views focal pieces).

There should be variations in colours, heights and shapes to provide depth. This can be done by breaking up the area into ‘themed sections’ such as a water feature, a braai area and a rose garden.

How to get rid of moss on paving

Moss that grows on your paving not only looks untidy, it is also dangerous and can be slippery when walked on. This is especially concerning if you have elderly people or young children living at home.

Drainage pavers and water channels are perfect solutions to all water gathering areas. Drainage pavers are made from a similar material to your paving for a consistent look. When water gathers on your paving from either rain or the pool it can become a source of moss and mildew.

A water channel is a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to gutters while drainage pavers divert the water through holes perforated through the tile.

Creating the perfect flower bed and garden

To create the perfect flower bed and a functional garden, you will need kerbing, stepping stones and steps. With kerbing, you can section your flower beds and the rest of your garden into attractive focal areas.

Our ravine stepping stones are an attractive way to create a pathway through certain areas of your garden.

To bring depth to your garden, why not add steps for a more textured look instead of a platitude look that is all one level. Steps are a great way to make use of a small space.