Jura Outdoor Fire Pit

The Jura Outdoor Fire Pit is a new addition to our expanding engineering range. It is a great outdoor feature that can be enjoyed in all seasons from cold winter evenings to summer days that turn into nights.


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This attractive outdoor fire pit is sold as a kit and can be placed in your garden or patio area. The kit comprises of the Jura circle paver, Jura fire pit blocks and Jura circle capping.

Gather friends and family around for a real bushveld fire in your own backyard.

Jura Fire Pit

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4 Tips for Outdoor Fire Pits

Position Your Outdoor Fire Pit

The position of your outdoor fire pit is vital, whether it is permanent or portal. For a safe installation, make sure the fire pit is at least 3-7 metres away from any structure. This includes a neighbouring yard.

Never position your outdoor fire pit under a covered porch or under any low hanging tree branches. Be sure to place your fire pit on a non-flammable surface such as concrete or cast stone patio tiles.

Grassy areas or wooden decking are not recommended for a fire pit.

How to Prepare Your Outdoor Fire Pit

When preparing your outdoor fire pit make sure all flammable materials such as leaves and grass have been cleared away at least 2 metres away from the fire pit. This will help prevent an escaped fire from spreading.

Pile rocks and gathered dirt around the fire pit as an extra precaution. Your outdoor fire pit needs to be at least 15cm deep at the centre and 60cm across to keep the embers and flamed contained.

How To Light Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Before lighting your outdoor fire pit, always check which direction the wind is blowing. Also remove anything flammable that will be downwind of the fire pit.

Please do not light your fire pit if it is an exceptionally windy day as this heightens the risk of an escaped fire.

Do not use lighter fluid to light your fire pit – a commercial fire starter stick that contains blitz kindling is ideal.

Flammable fluids such as petrol should not be used to light fires at any time.

How to extinguish your outdoor fire pit

Keep a shovel nearby at all times to put out any escaped flames and to extinguish the fire when you are done. When extinguishing, use water to drown the dire and stir with the shovel to ensure it is fully extinguished.

When removing the ashes, do not dump into a compost pile, paper bag or anything that is combustible. Keep a can that is solely for your ash storage and keep it there for a minimum of three days before disposing elsewhere.

Extinguished ashes can still be hot enough to start a fire two even three days after.