The following guideline is recommended by Revelstone as the manufacturers, as the correct way to seal their cast stone products. However it must be understood that as Revelstone does not provide a service of sealing tiles, the company cannot be held responsible for any defects which may arise from incorrect sealing by contractors or clients. It is important that only approved or recognized installers and contractors are used.Do not use installers who are unfamiliar or inexperienced with cast stone products.

When using any of our products indoors to maintain the desired finish, you will need to seal and polish. This will have to be done for the entire life of the floor and if followed your floor will maintain its finish and endure well into the future. It is very important to take this into account when deciding on whether to use internally. The procedure is outlined below.


  • Once the tiles have been laid and cleaned sufficiently removing all loose dust and grout, cement or adhesive marks you can prepare to seal the tiles.
  • It is vital that the tiles/pavers are kept clean whilst being laid, by washing off with clean water and a sponge at regular intervals.
  • Should the product be badly soiled or stained use acidic cleaners sparingly to remove grout and cement stains. This is however done at your risk and must be supervised by the tiling contractor or installer responsible.
  • A mix of water and pool acid – 10:1 (5:1 in extreme cases) doing small areas of less than 1 m2 at a time with a medium to soft plastic bristle brush, rinsing off heavily with water/ soap solution to dilute so as not to damage the pavers.
  • A synthetic acid alternative – Nanoprufe Tile and Surface Cleaner – is recommended (available at Revelstone)
  • You must allow the tiles to dry out before sealing, this can take a few days/weeks.
  • The first step is to get the necessary tools and products, i.e. sponges or a propad, clean paint tray and your sealer – Sealkote/Nova 5 and Fantastik Floor Polish by GNLD (available at Revelstone)
  • So once the tiles are clean, cool, dry and do not have any direct sunlight on them, you may begin the sealing process.


  • When applying any coat of sealer use an up down motion this will help to avoid streaking.
  • Ensure that you apply sealer evenly, avoid pooling on the surface.
  • Dilute the 1st coat of sealer – 30% water/70% Sealkote/Nova 5 and apply as a penetrating coat.
  • A few hours (2-3 hours) later once the tile has absorbed the sealer and is dry apply the second coat of sealer – 100% Sealkote/Nova 5 or similar – full strength.
  • At this point pick a few random tiles and pour water on the surface if the water is absorbed or the tile changes colour a third coat of Sealkote/Nova 5 or similar may be necessary – full strength.
  • The next day you can apply the first coat of Fantastik Floor Polish or similar – full strength do not dilute. Fantastik Floor Polish – is a modern, water based polymer emulsion used as a floor polish to impart a durable and enduring lustre. The directions for use are on the bottle.
  • A few hours (2-3 hours) later once the tile has dried apply the second coat of polish – full strength.
  • For future maintenance of your tiles apply the Fantastik Floor Polish every 6-8 weeks in high traffic areas e.g. kitchens, bathrooms and entrance halls and every 6-12 months in low traffic areas. This will protect the seal on the tiles ensuring long term durability against staining, marking, scuffing, etc

In the future you will need to judge for yourself how regularly you need to apply the Fantastik Floor Polish in your home. If you follow the above recommendation you should never need to seal your tiles again as the Fantastik Floor Polish will protect the seal and your floor will remain clean and have an enduring lustre well into the future.

Should you require your tiles to be professionally cleaned and sealed please enquire with a member of our sales staff.