Traditional and Engineered Pond and Pool Coping

Pool coping is an effective and attractive way to frame and neaten up your pool or pond area. It is essentially your pool’s crowning glory and stops any potential splash behind the pool shell.

Our pool coping products are designed to suit any aesthetic and with over 25 years in the business, we continue to listen to what our customers want and develop our products around these preferences.

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Traditional Pool Coping

Our Traditional pool coping range is designed to give a very natural and bespoke effect that complements your pool area. Our pool coping will provide a finished look to your outdoor area, making it your favourite area in the house to enjoy hours of fun.

Our Traditional pool coping will suit any aesthetic with a variety of colours and textures to suit all décor palates.


Engineered Pool Coping

Our Engineered pool coping range is available in a variety of attractive colours and brings a lovely uniformity and polished appearance to your pool area.

Our pool coping will add a special touch to your outdoor entertainment area, which will soon become everyone’s favourite area of the house during the hot summer months.

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4 Tips for Pool Coping

When installing pool coping

Before installing pool coping to your pool area, ask your pool design professional to show you a design of the finished product. Ask for more information on the size limitations, tile thickness and how the pool coping will be installed, i.e. will the pool coping be set with cement or a glue agent?

Think about how the pool coping will enhance the overall look of your pool area and enquire whether your tile will be able to withstand pool salt or chemicals. It is vital that your pool coping has a non-slip surface so be sure to take this into account.

Pool coping and pool area design

Unlike pool areas of the past where the visual and functional elements had little thought, pool areas of today have an assortment of design elements that include your backyard in the overall design. Pool areas are no longer considered a separate entity of the house.

Pool coping and other cast-stone materials can turn your backyard into a haven where you and your guests would love to spend your evenings and weekends.

When designing your pool area, ensure you take in all aspects of its use. It will be a place to cool off in the summer, certainly. But it will also be a place to entertain guests and a host plenty of braais.

How to clean and maintain your pool coping

Pool coping can become susceptible to grime, mould, mildew and dirt build-up if it is not cleaned on a regular basis. An acid wash can be the perfect remedy to remove any build-up mould growth. Make that you wear proper safety gear when handling acid and follow the instructions very carefully.

Failure to do so can result in serious harm to the eyes, skin, nose, hands and respiratory system.   Make sure that you do not get any of the acid wash into the pool water.  A pressure washer can also remove any impurities and helps you avoid the risk of chemicals.

How to choose the perfect pool coping

When choosing pool coping to frame your pool and pool area, it is important to keep the prospective aspect in mind. Pool coping should not only look good and be safe to walk on, it should prevent any splash-back leaking into other parts of your property, as well as the back of the pool shell.

Pool coping should have a high density and should be paired with highly water-resistance grout. Keep in mind that your pool coping will be under constant exposure to UV rays and should therefore be resistant to all weather elements that could cause it to break and crack, i.e. extreme temperatures.