Revelstone was founded in August 1993 by Andrew Cyprianos. He identified a niche in both the domestic and commercial markets for customised cast stone products – and Revelstone was born! 

In 1997, he was joined full time by his son, Alex. Fusing their combined talents, substantial concrete experience and their passion for the business, they have grown Revelstone to be the market leader it is today.

From small beginnings 

From small beginnings in an underground cellar in Muizenberg, the reputation for innovative products and personalised service rapidly spread. Exponential growth followed, resulting in the company having to move on three occasions before eventually purchasing its own factory where Revelstone has been since 2001. 

As the market leader, we are proud to have accomplished this. By carrying out continual in-depth studies of the art of stone masonry and design, we are able to consistently introduce exciting products to the market.

The company is still 100% family owned and run which guarantees that the founding principles are not only maintained but reinvented as the business has grown and developed, thereby ensuring that the ethos of Revelstone and what it has become is not compromised but enhanced. 

Knowledge gained from this research has allowed all our products to be indistinguishable from natural stone. Attention to detail, subtle variations in colour, and variety of surface textures and the shape of the stone are necessary in order to create a worthy genuine replica.

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