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The alternative to real stone


Manufacturers and developers of cast stone products since 1993.

Technical Information

Our traditional range embraces the imperfections of natural stone, whereas our engineered range is more uniform, consistent giving it a more contemporary modern look.


A range of colour

All products are reconstructed to take on the appearance of natural stone, where shades vary and are subject to slight variations.

We offer a palette of 15 standard colours, or custom made to suit your design and preference giving you our customer the freedom of choice.


Let’s talk Texture

We have a choice of various textures to choose from within our product range.

To ensure that there is no repetition of faces; all products are made from original stone replicas to ensure excellent surface and texture reproduction.

Landscape SA

Bernice Rumble of Land Art Studio recently gave a lecture to landscape architecture masters students at the University of Pretoria,

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November 15, 2023

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