One of our most popular products – the Saxon Step. Its use confined only to the imagination of its user as it is extremely versatile and offers limitless design options.

With its stone textured tread making it extremely non-slip and a stone face giving it the look of masoned stone, it is largely used as a step set into a garden terrace, in creating a flight of steps or as a step up to a patio or entrance. It has been used successfully as a driveway kerb, garden edge and even a pool coping.


Perfectstone White – W

Autumnstone – W Copy

Charcoal – G

Limestone – W

Rustic Bluff – G

Robben Island – G

Quarrystone – G

Sandstone – G

Mellow Bluff – G

Table Mountain – G

Grey Blend – G

Stone – G

Perfectstone Grey – G


Product Information

Product Specifications

Product Description Units per SQM/ R/M Kg per Unit Unit of Measure
SAXON GARDEN STEP - HALF 320x340x120 - 26.0 EACH
SAXON GARDEN STEP - FULL 640x340x120 - 55.0 EACH