An authentic looking rough hewn stone kerb, available in two sizes plus inside corner and specially manufactured with new hollow technology making it easier to carry and more cost effective. Best suited for use as a driveway, garden or path kerb or edging.


Perfectstone White – W

Autumnstone – W Copy

Charcoal – G

Limestone – W

Rustic Bluff – G

Robben Island – G

Quarrystone – G

Sandstone – G

Mellow Bluff – G

Table Mountain – G

Grey Blend – G

Stone – G

Perfectstone Grey – G


Product Information

Product Specifications

Product Description Units per R/M Kg per Unit / R/M Unit Of Measure
RIDGESTONE KERB - SHORT 400x150x120 2.50 10.7 EACH
RIDGESTONE KERB - LONG 600x150x120 1.67 19.0 EACH
RIDGESTONE KERB - INSIDE CNR 300x300x150x120 -