Cobble Range – Kent Texture – a smooth subtle hewn surface. It adds a new dimension and ideally suited where a flat smooth cobble surface is desired.


Perfectstone White – W

Autumnstone – W Copy

Charcoal – G

Limestone – W

Rustic Bluff – G

Robben Island – G

Quarrystone – G

Sandstone – G

Mellow Bluff – G

Table Mountain – G

Grey Blend – G

Stone – G

Perfectstone Grey – G


Product Information

Product Specifications

Product Description Units per SQM / R/M Kg per Unit / SQM / R/M Unit Of Measure
KENT COBBLE 200x150x50 33.0 135.0 SQM
KENT COBBLE 110x110x50 80.0 110.0 SQM

Product Layout

Product Layouts

layouts1b layouts_ridgestone layouts_diagonal layouts_splitcladding layouts_splitcladding2 layouts_vikingcladding layouts_vikingcobble layouts_vikingcobble2 layouts_vikingcobble3 layouts_yorkcobble layouts_kentcobble layouts_yorkcircle2 layouts_kentfancobble layouts_circlecombinations layouts-devoncobcirlce